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About the Square

The Portable Framing Square has two patents, the second protecting the first, and several other features for this tool can be developed in the future.

The Portable (take-a-part) framing square is designed so that it can be shipped in any crate or tool box and still be a standard size. Another feature is that it is smooth on both sides, and easy to slide around on surfaces.

The Portable Framing Square was invented, and is manufactured in the USA.

The framing square is a full sized 16"x24" when assembled. It is one quarter inch thick throughout. The long blade is the standard two inches wide, and the short blade is the standard inch and a half wide. We connect them together by an aluminum one foot rule that is dove tailed on leading edges to accomodate the dove tailed grooves. It is 3/32" thick, and slightly under an inch wide.

The increments of measurements are as follows:

  • Open to Licensing, Marketing, and Manufacturing.
  • This take-apart framing square is the real deal; as it is 16"x24" (full sized). Easy to assemble and disassemble. Needs no tools to put together. No set screws to fiddle with. And can fit in most any package.
  • This is a tool all mechanics, carpenters, and laymen need to carry. Now it is possible to quickly take a-part and assemble at the job site. We invite sales reps and store owners.
  • Imagine this tool there when you need it.