An Introduction to Framing Square and Their Uses

A framing square is a carpentry tool that helps make sure corners meet at 90-degree. To do the work, a framing square of quality should be large and sturdy to be durable as possible. Consisting of a long blade and a shorter & narrower tongue, the L-shaped framing square comes in as everything a builder needs to get the work done quickly, efficiently, and accurately. It’s also good for laying out rafters and stair stringers. When choosing the best framing squares you need, the most important thing you need to remember is: its blade with measuring markings has to be accurate.

Because of covid, more and more people are taking on small to even medium home renovation projects that they have never done before. From installing drywall to build a stand or anything in between, one of the most important tools to have is a framing square. A framing square can ensure you with everything level and at 90-degree angles!

Other than that, a framing square is also ideal for measurements for cutting wood or other materials. Finding the perfect framing square can help you get your job done exactly what you have imagined.

While there are a couple of adjustable carpenters square on the shelf, what are their different uses? How to pick the right one for your needs?

TAKE-APART Framing Square

The TAKE-APART Framing Square is everything a builder needs to get the work done quickly, efficiently, and accurately. It is a full-sized 16″x24″ carpentry tool when assembled, and one-quarter inch thick throughout. It is easy to assemble and disassemble. The long blade is the standard two inches wide, and the short one is the standard inch and a half wide. The two blades are connected by an aluminum one-foot rule that is dovetailed on leading edges to accommodate the dovetail grooves. Overall it is 3/32″ thick, and slightly under an inch wide. A Take-Apart framing square features easy-to-read measurement scales. Marking angles with accuracy has never been so easy! This TAKE-APART Framing Square is a must-have for any carpenter or builder – it is handy for framing, layout, rafter and stair work, finding and establishing right angles, marking cut-off work, and more.

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Johnson Level & Tool

This is definitely not your first time coming across this brand when you are looking for your carpentry tool. It has a stainless-steel body, which is sturdy enough for heavy-duty tasks, and it is also free from rust. You can be sure that your framing square will serve you for a long duration.

It has essential informational tables such as the rafter, brace, and board foot tables to help you make a more accurate measurement. Isn’t this just what you need for your project?

Mr. Pen Steel Square 

This is one of the cheapest options available. We highly recommend this fantastic creation from Mr. Pen if you are shopping on a budget.

The long blade measures 12 inches outside and 11 inches inside. Users love that this ruler has imperial units on one side and 1/16 graduations and metric units on the other graduated in millimeters. This allow you to choose the scale you are comfortable with and than get the good measurements easily. Mr.Pen has easy-to-read markings thanks to the bright white on black design. Moreover, it serves several carpentry applications such as roofing, stair casing, and making layouts and patterns. The high-quality R-ruler is made of carbon steel, which makes it highly durable. The nature of the material also protects it against rusting, known for destroying metals. This product is highly accurate, and offers more value than its cost.

Irwin Tools Framing Square

This is a brand that has been around for quite some time. A professional tool that will help during your woodworking and general construction projects.

An Irwin Framing Square has a rust-proof aluminum body, which protects the graduations fading or coming off. The markings are visible and are quite easy to read for users. It can be used in multi occasions like: rafter tables, brace and octagon scales, and an Essex board measure.

Thanks to its material, this product is light enough for easier portability, making it ideal for carpentry job.

In some way, no matter what features you are looking for when buying a framing square, the very first thing you need to ensure is its accuracy. Whatever your personal preference is, make an informed decision before spending your hard-earned cash! 12